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At a mere 2200 years old, Hangzhou is not China's oldest city, but its distinctive beauty has attracted many, from emperors to famed Venetian traveler, Marco Polo. As the capital of the Zhejiang province, Hangzhou owes its birth to the construction of Xi Hu (West Lake) and China's historic Grand Canal, which plays a crucial role in trade and stretches over 1000 miles from Beijing. Many of the city's historic and most visited attractions also pepper the lakeside and canal banks. Hangzhou was China's imperial capital from 1138 until 1279, and subsequent emperors favored the city, building resort villas along the waterways. The "Ten Sights of West Lake" offer inspiring scenery and poetic names like "Peak that Flew From Afar." History aficionados will find the ancient Buddhist Lingyin Temple and Six Harmonies Pagoda, a national relic built in 970, on their list of favorite places. Museums such as the National Silk Museum and the Chinese Medicine Museum offer glimpses of the city's past and a fuller understanding of its present. After the sun goes down on picturesque West Lake, visitors will find plenty to occupy them in the city. Louwailou (Tower Beyond Tower) is one of the oldest and best restaurants in town for Hangzhou cuisine. The nightlife scene is also appealing, offering a network of intimate bars or lively discos. Shopping venues abound, from the silk wholesale market known as Hangzhou Silk City to upscale shopping centers like Hangzhou Mansion Department Store. Fusing ancient history and modern city conveniences, Hangzhou is sure to enchant travelers who want to experience China.  


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The official city tree is the aromatic camphor tree. The trees can be seen growing throughout the city and provide a sense of the old world to modern day Hangzhou. These scented beauties are cultural elements that span time, connecting the present to the past.  

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